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The game of football is the most popular sport in the world. Given this widespread popularity, it is not surprising that it is also one of the sports on which the most sports bets are placed. One of the more popular football leagues is the English Premier League which is the top organization for football within the United Kingdom. Fans and avid sports bettors place wagers on the various matches that occur throughout the season. For those who have never bet on football, it is actually quite easy to learn how to do so.

When betting on the results of a football match, a wager can of course be placed on which team will win. Ties are quite common in the Premier League; therefore this is also an option on which a wager can be placed. The odds for the match are determined by the sportsbook. They are then reported in the form of a money line. For instance, in a match between Manchester United and Arsenal the money line for Manchester United may be reported as -110 while the line for Arsenal is +180 with a draw being -140. Manchester is the favourite as noted by the negative money line. For a £110 bet, £100 can be won if United wins while a bet of £100 on Arsenal would result in a win of £180.

For Premier League fans, sports betting isn’t the only kind of football related fun they can have. Online casinos like Jackpot City, offer many slot machines with football themes. One of these is the slot machine game known as Shoot. A five reeled game with 50 paylines, the game is based on the magazine Shoot. The game includes some of the most famous football players of all time. Expect to find players like Pele, Beckenblue and Maradona incorporated within this slot machine game.


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