Joey Barton has criticized Queens Park Rangers management for the poor performance of the team in the ongoing Premier League season.

Barton is a contracted player of QPR, but, he hasn’t played for them this season. He was placed on loan to Marseille at the start of the season.

QPR’s performance in the Premier League this season has been disastrous and after their goalless draw against Reading FC on Sunday, it’s now certain that they will end up in the relegation zone.

The Rangers have so far played 35 Premier League matches this season and has managed to win just 4 out of them. They have lost 18 times and have played 13 draws. They just have 25 points at the moment.

However, QPR is not at the bottom of the points table. It’s Reading FC which is at the bottom on the basis of goal difference. But, that’s not going to make any difference really.

When asked about QPR’s poor performance in the ongoing Premier League, Barton said, “I am really disappointed, but, I think the kind of composition we have got, we can’t do better than this. We don’t have enough quality in the squad. There are a few good players, but, the rest are maggots.”

“Most of these maggots were brought into the side by Mark Hughes who I think should be blamed the most for what has happened to QPR. He didn’t manage the team well at all in the first half of the season.”

“After the match against Reading, I saw Bosingwa having a bit of laugh. It was baffling to see. You don’t expect this from a dedicated player.”

“It’s really heart breaking for the fans. They have turned up every game and the team has let them down most of the time.”