Mills Gets A Surprise Visit

Tony Mills (52 years old) has been one of the diehard fans of Queens Park Ranger ever since he was young. He is a cancer patient who had always wished he could visit Loftus Road with his loving family and cheer for Queens Park Ranger. Joey Barton (Queens Park Ranger’s midfielder) visited Eastbourne recently and helped fulfill Tony Mills’s ultimate wish.

Utilizing the power of social media, James Mills (Tony’s son) raised money so that he could take his father and son to Loftus Road. When Harry Redknapp (manager of Queens Park Ranger) got to know about James’s campaign, he decided to make Tony’s dream come true.

Joey Barton wanted to eagerly help Queens Park Ranger to make the necessary arrangements so he took a holiday from training and football in order to give Tony and his family a surprise. He went to Eastbourne on 13th February, 2014 to meet Tony and the Mills family and hand delivered the tickets to Tony Mills.

Queens Park Ranger’s head of communication- Ian Taylor said that everyone at QPR is excited to welcome the Mills family on 16th of February, 2014. According to Taylor, Harry Redknapp and Joey Barton have played a very important role in helping out the Mills family.

On Sunday, Tony and his adorable family will be given a private tour throughout the Loftus stadium and then they will go to the C Club (the best hospitality suite of the club). They will meet the QPR squad and Harry Redknapp in the QPR dressing room.

Tony’s grandson, Ollie Mills will become the mascot for the QPR match on Sunday. After the match, Joey Barton will hand over his signed shirt to Tony before the Mills family say goodbye to the Queens Park Ranger family.

Barton tweeted that he hopes the day turns out to be memorable for Tony Mills.


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