Former England international Joey Barton has launched a scathing attack on several aspects like the England national team, English FA chairman Greg Dykes, and former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Barton is known for having an open attitude towards several aspects, which has often landed him in hot water. It remains to be seen if his latest comments will do the same. Just before the crucial World Cup qualifying matches, he has said that the English national team is one of the worst he has ever seen.

Barton has also said that Ferguson is not a good coach at all because he could barely manage to lay the cones. Even though Barton has not played under Ferguson, he has spoken with people who have done the same. Ferguson is regarded as one of the greatest managers of all time after managing to win an astonishing 38 trophies during his 26 years at United. He recently retired from all forms of management and has taken a director’s role at the club. Barton has said that it is extremely different from being a great coach to that of being a great manager.
Barton made his England bow once in his career and it came back in 2007. His career has been downhill since then.

“I am not here to disrespect Fergie. He is a great manager, the icon, the pinnacle of British management. But he couldn’t put on a coaching session to save his life. I’ve spoken to people about him and he can barely lay out cones. This is not a coach, this is a manager. There is a big, big difference between a coach and a manager. I am an extremist and I am at this phase in life where I am struggling with democracy,” said Barton about aspects like Ferguson and Dykes.


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