Joey Barton will continue performing despite his illegal gambling activities

Burnley’s Joey Barton has already pleaded guilty from the accusations that were being launched towards him in relation to making over 1,000 football bets which were made in the span of over 10 years.

Players that perform in the top 8 tiers of English football are not allowed to do anything related to gambling or bets involving the sport and this type of things can lead to significant suspensions.

Andros Townsend of Crystal Palace was recently hit with a 4 month ban as he had broken the rules back on June of 2013 and these illegal actions of Townsend has forced him to miss out for a significant amount of matches for his club, Crystal Palace.

Fortunately for Joey Barton, it looks like he will still be able to play for Burnley as the suspension of Barton has been postponed.

In order for the suspension to be officially given to Joey Barton, a hearing was scheduled to take place on March 8 but this meeting was cancelled as the FA Chief Investigator was ill. The Football Association (FA) still has not officially announced when the new hearing is going to take place and this means that Joey Barton can continue performing for Burnley maybe even until the end of the season on May 21st which is the last league game of Burnley as they face off with West Ham United.

Joey Barton is a regular starter for Sean Dyche as the 34 year old English midfielder has turned into a fairly influential player in Burnley and taking into the consideration the fact that the English League Championship is reaching it’s final stages with less than 10 league matches remaining, it’s a crucial period of time for Sean Dyche and his squad as they are fighting to survive and avoid the bottom relegation zone.


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