Joey Barton has predicted that Sir Alex Ferguson would make his way to Old Trafford as manager at some point of time in future.

Sir Alex had quit as Manchester United manager last summer, but, he is still at the club as director and he watches almost all the games at Old Trafford from the stands. He has received criticism for that too.

Barton reckons that when it comes to manipulation, there are not many people who can beat Sir Alex. He is a very smart person. He knew that the he was not going to achieve that much success in future and that’s why, he decided to be off and bring Moyes into an incredibly difficult scenario.

Under Moyes, United has failed to flourish and obviously, the Scott has been held responsible for that. But, according to Barton, it’s not a fair thing to do. Yes, he hasn’t stood up to the expectations, but, he was given a very hard task.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, the QPR player said, “David was asked to do a very difficult job and unfortunately, he couldn’t live up to it, but, he doesn’t deserve to take all the criticism.”
“Sir Alex could see this coming and that’s why, he decided to walk away. He thought if he had to leave being at the top, that was the right time, but, I would not be surprised if he returns some time down the line.”

When asked what United should do from here on to finish the season on a high, Barton said, “First of all, David should be given the liberty to buy the players that he wants. He is capable of rebuilding this team if given complete authority.”

United is at the 7th position in the league table with 16 games remaining.


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