Barton: Consistency is key for Newcastle United to avoid relegation

Newcastle United has had a rough couple of years as the English club was put up for sale after being relegated back in the season of 2008-09. The team has been suffering a number of changes and their ride from the Premier League to the English League Championship has been a consistent one as they continue suffering relegation and then promotion back to the top tier English League.

Joey Barton used to be a player of Newcastle United from 2007 until 2011 and he believes that what his former club needs to have in order to find some balance and avoid this thrill of ups and downs is to find some consistency with their squad as well as to recover the confidence which seems to be lost.

“If they can do that against the so called lesser teams in the league that will give them the platform to go on and get results. But I think it has been more of a physical frailty than a technical one’’

“The fact that they have lost confidence and not put in the physicality has probably made the fans turn on them a little bit and reflecting on the victory over Liverpool, Barton added: “They showed they are more than capable. Steve has been quoted saying they crawled off the pitch and that’s what he expects from them’’ These were the words that Joey Barton said after Newcastle United overcame Liverpool on December 6 with a final scoreboard of 2-0 in favor of Steve McClaren’s team.

Newcastle endured a disastrous start of the season as they were unable to win a single Premier League match until October 18 when they claimed a 6-2 triumph over Norwich City. It’s important to take into consideration that this season of the Premier League kicked off on August 9, so it took Newcastle United 2 months before they could register their first victory.


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