Barton believes that Rangers will improve

Joey Barton has stated that Rangers will improve after their frustrating start to the season.

Rangers are back in the top flight after spending 4 years in the lower divisions but could only manage a draw against Hamilton. Despite playing at home, Rangers were one goal down and needed a goal in the second half in order to draw level.

Rangers fans were hoping that Rangers will get off their new campaign in the start but were frustrated by a determined Hamilton side. Joey Barton admitted that the game was tough and that they had to fight in order to earn the draw. He said that Hamilton is a good side and that they stick to their game plan with a view to frustrate their opponent.

He stated that their opponents scored a great goal on a counter-attack and after that, they tried to control the game. He indicated that it was not the easy game that they expected and that Rangers had to fight hard in order to salvage a draw.

Joey Barton admitted that the fans were expecting an easy victory, but it was not the case. He said that you need to play well if you want to win, but he believes that it was not the case against Hamilton. He said that you need to fight hard if you want to get a victory, and this is what they tried to do on Saturday.

However, he believes that the team will improve after this game and believe that there is still a lot to come from Rangers. He said that the team is a relatively new one and that they are still learning to play together. He believes that the player will become better once they get accustomed and anticipates that Rangers will become a stronger team as the season goes by.


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